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TFG is an alternative banking and payment solution

Your TFG card is a EURO card FOR BUSINESSES ONLY *

TFG card at a glance


  • Use it worldwide
  • In shops, online or ATMs


  • Set budgets, limits and restrictions
  • See who spends how much and where


  • Order new cards in a few clicks
  • No employee name shown on card


  • Save time, energy and money
  • Manage employee expenses online

Easy and Safe

  • Just like cash
  • Can be blocked instantly

Transparent Fees

  • No hidden fees or charges
  • All fees can be seen online

TFG card – it's simple!



  • Top up by bank transfer
  • Receive payments to your account


  • Shop online, in shops or abroad
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs

Verified by VISA

Accepted Worldwide

TFG Card is a VISA debit card delivered to you by The Finance Group Ltd.
It can be used in:

  • Over 200 countries and territories

  • 1.9 million ATM locations worldwide

  • Online and in-store

  • Wherever you see the VISA Acceptance Mark

Hassle Free

What's FREE?



  TFG Bank     TFG Bank
Your contactless TFG Card FREE up to 10   ATM withdrawals
1 up to 1.5%
One Additional card
FREE up to 10
  Monthly card fees
5 up to 10
Opening of e-account
FREE up to 35 
  Foreign Exchange Fee 2% up to 5%

For a full list of fees, charges and account restrictions please see our Cardholder Terms & Conditions.

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